tirsdag 11. mai 2010

Just paint

I started painting again not long ago
I was scared to death, I'll have you know
Could I do this again, I wasn't sure
I asked my teacher if He knew the cure
His words were to pick up that brush
Put paint on the canvas, do not rush
Anything, everything that comes to mind
Just go through the motions this time
You may not feel like it or may not be sure
Just doing it will be your cure
It will come back, you will see
You are an artist, So just be
This bit of advice has made me think
How I have let things take me to the brink
When things got tough, this one was gone
Leaving way too many things undone
Adversity for me has brought me fear
And running away, too many a tear
I think I'll turn in my running shoes now
I must admit, I'm not sure how
The words of an artist ring in my ear
Each time, I'm enveloped with fear
Don't worry, don't say you caint'
Roll up your sleeves girl, and Just Paint

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